Ebola will not bring forth the apocalyptic era. It is a virus that came from Africa and is becoming a significant problem in the United States. Many people travel back and forth from many countries, allowing for viruses and diseases to propagate easily. The media has made Ebola seem like it is an enormous epidemic, but is it really? People’s lack of research and unwillingness to be informed, and not just rely on what the media says, is why we are scared of Ebola. If more people would actually investigate what Ebola is and how it spreads, they will see Ebola is not a cause for great concern. 


1. Ebola does not spread through the air.

When a person is infected with Ebola, it can spread in several ways but not through the air. Ebola is only transmitted through direct contact with another infected person. Ebola can propagate to someone else through broken skin or mucous membranes (the eyes, nose, and mouth). It circulates through blood or body fluid. Body fluids are not limited to sweats breast milk, semen, or vomit. It can also spread through needles. No information is currently available to help us to determine whether mosquitos or other animals can spread the virus. This should only increase our confidence in Ebola not being a virus easily transmitted.

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2. There are ways you can stay safe from the disease.

There are ways you are able to stay safe from the Ebola outbreak. First, stay away from the areas you know are infected with the Ebola outbreak. If you plan to travel to Africa in the near future, make sure you check to see if the place you are traveling to has a problem with Ebola. Second, make sure you do things as simple as washing your hands frequently. You put your hands all over your body. Washing your hands is an action that is overlooked, even though it is a simple and practical way to prevent many diseases and viruses from infecting you. Finally, make sure you avoid anyone who may have the virus. 


3. Knowing the symptoms matters. 

By knowing the symptoms, you will be able to identify the potential that you or others have been infected by Ebola. If you have any Ebola symptoms, you should probably go see a doctor and get a check-up just to be on the safe side. A fever is the first symptom. If you have a fever over 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit or 38.6 degrees Celsius, you may have the virus. Some other symptoms are muscle pains, headaches, and weakness. Other symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting, and unexplained hemorrhaging. If you have all of these problems, it would be in your best interest to go see a doctor.


4. The media makes everything worse. 

The media makes everything worse with many issues, including Ebola. The media makes it seems like there is a severe Ebola outbreak in the United States. When you are constantly seeing and hearing that there is a serious Ebola outbreak in the news, social media, and in other places, you begin to think there is an actual critical problem when there is not one. THE US DOES NOT HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM WITH EBOLA! The initial patient who had Ebola has died and the two other people who worked at the hospital with the patient contracted the virus. They have been quarantined. Therefore, virus is currently not being propagated. One of the Ebola patients got on a plane, but there is no sign that any of the people on the plane with the patient contracted the virus. 


In some news, it has been stated that we have an Ebola.People think this because they think the virus can travel through the air. We do not have any outbreak dealing with Ebola. The patient that first had Ebola is dead now and his body has been cremated. The other two patients that got the disease are quarantined to that there is not any outbreak of Ebola.



People are worrying about Ebola because they are not sure if they have it. If you do not show symptoms do not worry. You have to wait 21 days to see if you actually have it. Doctors have said that if you do not show symptoms, you have nothing to worry about.


7. Ebola is treatable. 

Many people think that if they contract Ebola, there is no way to treat it. This is not true. One hospital in the US is treating two patients with Ebola already. A Texas hospital would have been able to treat the first patient if he was not too far along with his sickness. Emory University hospital in Atlanta is still working hard to continue to treat a patient infected by the virus.

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