The Art Work

If you want any kind of artwork done just let me know. I am very proficient in photoshop and I also can draw. Just email or call me. You have to be Paypal ready.


When I initially started drawing I struggled trying to figure out what I wanted to draw. I did not have much inspiration. I started to then search for things that other artist before me drew. I was pleased with the portraits and other things that some of the artists did. I then came across some pictures of nude painting. I think that the female body is a wonderful thing. It comes in so many different sizes and shapes. Since I love women so much, I thought that I should start drawing them also. I am a firm believe in the well known quote “beauty is in the eye of the beholder“. I think all women are exquisite and that’s what I want to show in my artwork. I don’t think you have to wear a size double zero in pants to be considered beautiful. I am black so I grew up around a lot of black women. Most were not the model type and they were happy with their bodies.  The definition of beautiful is Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically. It does not say you have to be a certain way. You can be beautiful no matter weight or height. I will continue to fight for the women that are happy how they are and that is what I want to convey in my artwork. I will draw skinny girl but I will also draw many other body types. In short, I will draw the things that I knew to be beautiful not the things that society tells us is beautiful. I am still learning things. I am not the best artist yet but I will strive to get improve. I hope you are able to relish my drawings and I thank you for taking the time out of your day to checking out my art. Some of them are still works in progress but give me feedback on any of my drawings I would really appreciate it.


  Self painted pants





shark-kkbannerpicture-8 copyInstagramJStashtumblr_static_galaxy copyIMG_0lll98471NT3wTLp4L._SL1500_NewStephenCurry06.20.15 11.43NewLebron06.20.15 11.50IMG_1022wpid-20150217_143421.jpg wpid-20150217_143434.jpg wpid-snapchat-8539901651634770639.jpg wpid-snapchat-3880566468093578732.jpg wpid-snapchat-5353806229820557863.jpg wpid-20150221_210015.jpg wpid-20150221_043813.jpg wpid-20150221_043726.jpg wpid-20150222_012847.jpg wpid-snapchat-5602025836263917491.jpg   wpid-img_20150222_205319.jpg wpid-img_20150222_205204.jpg wpid-snapchat-3308678136882937271.jpg wpid-snapchat-4026827822300012077.jpg wpid-20150222_205911.jpg wpid-20150222_205922.jpg wpid-20150222_205928.jpg wpid-20150222_205937.jpg wpid-20150222_210002.jpg wpid-20150222_205959.jpg wpid-20150222_205956.jpg wpid-20150222_205948.jpg wpid-20150222_210012.jpg wpid-20150222_210020.jpg wpid-20150222_210023.jpg wpid-20150222_210028.jpg wpid-20150222_210249.jpg  wpid-20150222_210225.jpg wpid-20150222_210030.jpg wpid-20150222_214239.jpg wpid-20150222_214243.jpg wpid-20150222_214246.jpg wpid-20150222_214259.jpg wpid-20150225_040548.jpg wpid-snapchat-5469236146956383186.jpg wpid-20150222_214337.jpg wpid-20150222_214312.jpg wpid-snapchat-5107678307477944320.jpg wpid-img_20150225_220634.jpg wpid-img_20150226_133600.jpg wpid-1424044396938.jpg wpid-1424590250782.jpg wpid-1424656211826.jpg wpid-1424421362033.jpg wpid-1424198516243.jpg wpid-1424570541276.jpg wpid-1424656210009.jpg wpid-1424656208067.jpg wpid-1424940298536.jpg wpid-1423938517087.jpg wpid-1424940303917.jpg wpid-1424940300262.jpg wpid-1424940301897.jpg wpid-snapchat-1142472548363587818.jpg wpid-20150214_134350.jpg wpid-20150214_134345.jpg wpid-1423938519192.jpg wpid-20150214_134419.jpg wpid-20150214_134408.jpg wpid-20150214_134401.jpg wpid-20150214_134358.jpg wpid-20150214_134432.jpg wpid-20150214_134414.jpg wpid-20150214_1344080.jpg wpid-snapchat-1118934676118567090.jpg wpid-snapchat-1040838597692802298.jpg wpid-20150214_134423.jpg wpid-20150214_134427.jpg wpid-img_20150225_050036.jpg wpid-snapchat-546287448429968182.jpg wpid-20150221_181930.jpg wpid-20150217_143353.jpgwpid-20150303_071128.jpgwpid-20150303_064314.jpgwpid-20150303_062031.jpgwpid-img_20150305_191708.jpg11071745_874085835968625_2844468651935787621_n11041593_867962879914254_4584990093640323126_n11037479_878148315562377_8046133067767988428_n11034908_867962929914249_7950405907283172995_n18290_870027723041103_5778499351239860414_nwpid-20150324_045243.jpgwpid-20150327_124438.jpgwpid-1428159202924.jpg


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  1. I like these. You a man of different talents. Keep it up!!


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