International Women’s Day 2015

It is 3:29 on a gloomy tuesday afternoon. I got out of english about an hour ago *does my shmoney dance* . I’m currently listening to the drake album ” If you are reading this it is too late”. I have listening to it various times since I have downloaded it to my computer. If you are a drake fan or just like his music I encourage you to go listen to it. I have not been doing many blog post lately but it is because I have been focusing on my art. I will start back posting every week again starting this week.

Enlight of International Womens Day being this past Sunday I want to do a blog post about some of my thought about celebration of feminism and various other topics dealing with this day.

First, I want to start off with something familiar to men, women, and child not matter age or color. BEYONCE. Beyonce is a singer/songwriter if you are not familiar with her. She was in destiny’s child before she ventured off to do her own music. She has been the face of feminist to many people around the world. She has done many songs that were meant to show that women could be equal to men and just empowering women across the board. You can’t say anything about beyonce or feminism with The Beyhive (Group of feminist and Beyonce lovers) sworming to attack you.  She has done “Run the World” where she says that girls run the world, how men will not disrespect women, and how women can buy things for themselves. The song that I want to focus on is “Flawless”. Here are some excerts from the song.

We teach girls to shrink themselves,

You should aim to be successful
But not too successful,

Because I am female
I am expected to aspire to marriage

Marriage is the most important.

If you want to see more here is the link Flawless Lyrics

These things are true I think in our society today. I don’t believe any female should be limited to these things I think all females should be able to make a name for themselves. It is hard to get that through some of the younger girls heads because the women that goes to college and works for a firm is not celebrated in our society. What is celebrated is having a big butt and being famous. Younger girls see Amber Rose and Black Chyna as role models. These women made a career out of promiscuity and sex tapes. Is this what we want kids to be looking up to?

Women have came a long way. Women went from having no right to acquiring many though many ways. We relied on women to support a country in WW2. They had to take care of home while many men were fighting for their country. I think this was the first time women saw that they could really be equal to men. They also fought in world wars alongside men. They got the right to vote and many other. Even though women acquired all of these things, they still live in a society that deems them as less. Women still do not make the same amount as men. It is better in the USA than it is in other countries though.

Finally, I could not write this blog post without addressing feminism because it is an essential part of International Women’s Day. The definition of Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. My own definition of feminism is the celebration of women and how women have to continue to fight for right and change the world. It’s not that women should rule the world but should be equal to men.  I think women should celebrate how long they have came because women’s freedom is a big chapter in history. They also feel that women should not be defined to the house. Feminism is a taboo word just because of what people think about feminism today. Women have to right to be a housewife or focused business woman without the fear of being criticized. Women want to show that they are more than their body and how they can have a baby. When a woman want to run for president, many people in the US do not like it because they feel that women make decisions based on feeling and not solely on whether it is a bad or good decision.

Some feminist are extreme and I do not think this is what feminism is and should be about. Some of these extreme feminist let their period blood run down their legs and calling it ” Free-Bleeding”. It is a new feminist movement that women across the US are adopting. They will not use any feminine product. They think that their time of the month should not be considered unnatural and unclean. They also feel that since feminine products are man made to inadvertently rape a woman while she is on her period furthering her status as a woman living in a world ran by men.

First off,  think this is extremely disgusting. When you have a cut and you bleed anywhere on your body you clean it right? Well most normal people do. I think the same things goes for menstrual blood. Blood does not smell like febreze and mixed with other things that vagina releases does not help. Having bad hygiene is not something to be proud of in my book. Second of all, I think there are many other productive things that you could do. You can go to government officials and get to pass bill to get better and equal right for women. What the point of doing something that is not productive.

In short, women should be celebrated in many ways. A women has given birth to everyone on this world. Except that one guy, but he was a girl before. Women should have the same right as men have. All of this start with parent. You have to show your girls that Amber Rose is not the women she need to be following. They need to be taught how to love themselves for who they are and they don’t need that boys attention to feel worthy. They have to know that college/military is a must. Parents have to take care of their kids it is that easy. If they see that your man is better them, they will have the same values as you have. A woman does not need man. Women can work and provide for their family just like a man. If parents can just teach them simple things like that and keep them on the right path there will be more business women in our society and less strippers and girls making money twerking on social media.

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One Response to International Women’s Day 2015

  1. WOW. I’ve never read your blog. But I can tell you it won’t be the last one I read. You’re a special kind of person. You’re gonna go far, very far in life with the great mind and your outlook on life. I told you once before I would like to see where and who you will become in 10, 15, 20 years from now. You’re going to make a difference. Keep your mind on the big picture.


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