First Nude Drawing Class Experience

I was up at 1 last night just drawing and listening to music. I have been doing figure studies and learning how to shade better. I have been using charcoal as a medium to draw the things that I have in my sketch book. I was just using pencil before but I thought the charcoal would be better for shading.

Anyways, Last night I was up just drawing and listening to music at about 1. As I was drawing, I happen to think about how cool it would be to draw an actual nude person. I began to think that it would be hard to ask someone could I draw them nude because that’s weird. I then started to do something else on my laptop and it was not on my mind again.

Then, I was just looking through facebook and start thinking about it again. I remembered that on TV people would draw people nude in different art studios. I wanted to see if people actually did this, so I began to research nude drawing classes in Atlanta. I was surprise by the mass amount of results I found. I found many things but I came across a website called meetup. It was a guy and lady that sponsored nude drawings on every Tuesdays at 10. I thought about it and I thought today is Tuesday. I was like it would not work because I had class at 1 p.m. The class was from 10-1. The fee was only $10. I wanted to go so I just decided to go and I RSVPed to be there.  I set my alarm and went to sleep.

I got up at 9 called and uber and got there at about 9:20. I got there and it was people getting things out of their trunk. I followed them inside because I thought they knew where they were going. I could not go in the room with my phone because it was no photography. I only brought my drawing notebook and my charcoal pencils. Some people had canvases and many other items.

I sat there for a while just  watching everyone set up. Then the coordinator came to introduce the models. The model was about 5’0, pretty skinny, and fairly young.  The second was about the same age but more voluptuous. They both were 24. They only had a robes on. The coordinator continued to talk and she then asked were we ready. Everyone responded excitedly and the models dropped their robes….

I was shocked at how comfortable they was with being without clothes. Everyone just began to sketch their body, but I was sort of still in shock. I just sat there and looked at everyone else’s reaction. They thought it was pretty normal. I was the only one around my age. I got over being shocked and began to draw. The models did 4 poses before I left. I did not draw their first pose but I did draw the other three. The first was of the bigger model and the other two were of the smaller model.


Still have to get better at shading


I am not too good at drawing heads and faces yet.

This is my favorite one

The overall experience was actually fun. It was actually relaxing. After I got over the model being nude in front of people, I was actually able to get things done. The people helped me if I had any questions. They were excited to have someone so young that was eager about art. I will go again next tuesday.

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