It’s 2:05 A.M. on February 5th. I went to bed a little early because today was my long day I have 4 classes today. I had history, chem recitation, math, and a civil engineering class. I did not wake up until about ten, but this day always makes me tired. I hard to workout also so that was another reason as to why I went to bed kind of early. I find it more comfortable to do my homework at night too. I just don’t like getting my schedule all out of whack.

Not only has this day been long but this whole week just has been long for me. I had a lot of things introduced like our semester long english project and I received some test back. I am taking 8 classes this semester because if I did not I would have been off track to graduate in 4 years. I am now seeing that this was not the best idea. This will be the only semester that I will take over 5 classes. It is hard juggling working out, making sure I eat right, school, friends, and all of the other things that I participate in. I had to stop hanging out with some friend this semester just to make time to do all of the thing that I need to do. I understand I have to do this in order to get the grades I want.

The classes that I am in now are STS, math, history, chemistry lab, chemistry res,chemistry class, civil engineering class, and english.  If you have ever been to college and you have taken more than 5 classes you can somewhat understand what I am going through. You may also understand that it is stressful. The reason it is stressful to me is because I know I have to make good grades in order to make my life better. If I do not make good grades I will not have a job I want, I will not get internships, and I just will not be able to live the way I want. This is the time of my life where everything counts and I feel like I can’t make any mistakes.  I know everyone makes mistakes but I just feel like they need to be kept to a minimum if any.

It’s only February and the semester is already breaking me down. This week I had to talk to some people and just put things into perspective. I want to make all a’s this semester but I go to one of the top hardest school to get and A in according to coed . I thought about this for a while. I will never settle for a B but if that is what I get I can not beat myself up about it. I just have to do the best that I can do this semester. I also think the stress is coming from not do things on campus or hanging out with my friends. I decided I need to make time for those things even if it is just for 30 minutes. That will clear my mind and help me relax. I am starting to see that I helps me get the substantial weight of school off my back and mind.

I have been just trying to take breaks from studying and trying to find other things to instead of focusing on school 24/7. I will still dedicate a lot of my time to school but not every waking hour. Since I have decided to do this I feel a lot better about school and I feel that everything will workout for me. I am going to continue to work hard and do what I have to accomplish my definition of succeeding at life.

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