Practice What You Preach

It’s 4:18A.M. on a tuesday I have class chemistry lab at 9A.M., but I can’t sleep. I have been feeling pretty sick al day, so I have been up all night. I’ll make sure that I go get me some medicine late on today. Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day all over the United States. People celebrated all over the US in many forms and fashions. Usually, there are parades in every city all across america. High school bands march down streets to for people all over the city to come out and see. Some people refrain from these parades and just stay at home to watch the parades on TV. Some people cook on the grill for family to come over and celebrate this momentous day. This day brings more than cookouts and parades. This day bring forth people that you do not usually see throughout the year.  It bring forth the “Wannabe Civil Rights Activist”.

For anyone that doesn’t know what a “wannabe civil rights activist” is, it is a person that wants to talk about civil right and they do not even know what they’re talking about.They usually only come out when a white cop kills a black guy or on a day like yesterday. I am a firm believer in civil right and I still do think that there are many things that are not solved.  I think that not only african american, but all races should fight for their rights. The thing I do not believe in is preaching about things that you do not practice yourself.

All day on social media, I have been seeing all of these videos and pictures about how we as blacks are not doing anything to help better civil rights for ourselves. They talked about violence in our communities and many other topics. I do not have anything against these people that talk about these things, but do not talk about them if you are not doing them yourself. In one particular case that I see, this guy talked about how they white man is holding black people down. He also made other videos talking about how the white man is putting drugs in our neighborhood and we are just falling into a trap. I feel as if some of the things he said are actually true. He is just not someone that needs to be talking about these things. I know this person personally. He is not in college, sells drugs, and many other things that he preached about, but does not do. I understand that people go through things and you have to do things to provide for your family. I just do not believe you should speak on topics if you are not practicing them yourself. He is not doing anything to better himself, so the same trap that he was telling people they were falling in is the same one that he is falling in himself. I would have been able to relate more to what he was saying if he was someone trying to make his life better. I just feel like he was being a hypocrite and those are the worst people.

I can’t not stress it enough that people should always practice what they preach. Practicing what I preach is a value that I have started to live by. I believe in setting examples for other people. I would not get onto my sisters about having bad grades if I was not studying and had bad grades myself. I have to get good grades and set an example for her so that they will actually listen to what I am saying. If I was just telling them that and I did not myself, it would go in one ear and out of the other. This is exactly how I felt when I heard this guy talking. I was just “like yea whatever. He doesn’t know what he is talking about”. To conclude, do not be the person just talks about things just to be talking. Talk about things and actually have meaning behind it. Before you talk about something, just think ” do I do these things myself?” and if the answer is no just keep on mouth close because no one will care about what you are saying anyways.

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