Why are students paying so much to attend college?

imageLately, I have been thinking about how much students like me are paying to go to school. The price we pay to attend a college and university is ridiculous. We pay all of this MONEY and what is the school actually doing with the money that we are paying every semester. I think schools all over the United States are making students pay for PROGRAMS that we don’t not even use. Some students just do not have the money to PAY FOR SCHOOL and we actually do struggle. I am not talking about the students that actually have money, but want to say they are struggling to be like their peers.

I am a current student at Southern Polytechnic State University. I live on campus where they provide me with food, water, and a place to SLEEP. The current tuition that I am paying to go to Southern Poly is about $10,000 a semester and about 20,000 a year. We have about 5,000 students that attend southern poly. Altogether the students are paying about 13 million dollars with tuition only to be an undergraduate student. We have a $75 technology fee that about 375,000, laboratory fee that $50 thats about 250,000, and some students have a meal plan which is $1,776 a semester. We also have many other fees like activity, recreation, health, athletic, and a transportation fee. We have RESTAURANTS on campus that we do not see on the TUITION AND FEES because people can pay to eat with their cards if they do not have money. All of these numbers are not exact because we do not have exactly 5,000 students. The things that students pay for will eventually go up because we will be merging with a bigger school.

I think that these fees that we pay are ridiculous and I do not understand them. I PERSONALLY do not think that we need to pay $375,000 as a laboratory fee. It is not like we have all new nice computers in there. We have a couple of MACs but the majority of the computers that we have are DELL and do not look new. Some of the fees that we have I do not even use like the health and transportation fee. I have never been to the school NURSE. I have also never rode on the trolley that takes students to WALMART or the square. I actually do use the athletic and recreation fees that we have to pay. I wouldn’t think that just made almost a million dollars in those fees because I do not see where the money goes. We have a limited amount of things we can do in the gym. Since, I have been back at school there are less thing to do in the gym because some of the machines and squat racks are out of order. We also have a pool that is dirty. I think if this was my school I would try to have better equipment for students, and a pool that is clean.

The fees with housing is another that I am having a problem understanding where the MONEY goes because the people that live on campus are not seeing it. I live in Howell which are the freshman dorms. I pay $2,196 to live here a semester. The wifi here is bad. If you do not know someone with a router or have your own, you will have problems with the wifi all the time. The biggest problem I have with it is that I pay all of this MONEY to take cold shower in the morning. Usually the water is actually hot but sometimes the water in every shower is cold. I should never have to take a cold shower if I am paying to live here.

I understand that the school has to pay workers and teachers, students that work on campus, and the bills such as electricity and water. I still do not think that schools is using most of the MONEY that they are making from students. Im sure that this is a big problem all across the United States and schools are taking advantage of students. I think if we are going to have to PAY FOR SCHOOL we should not have a core. Some of the core classes that we take we usually do not need. The only core classes that we need in my opinion are math and english, and the classes pertaining to your major. Some schools have to take a activity class like gym or jogging. Psychology and other pseudosciences are classes I don’t think we should have to take if we are not majoring in it.

I also think that we do not need as much administration as we have on campus. I do not understand why we have to have three people working a desk. We have more people than we need working jobs that only require one PERSON.

I also think that we should have the choice to pick and choose what fees we have to pay for. I do not use some of the fees so I think that should be taken off of my expenses. I hear students saying all of the time that they pay for things that they do not even use. I think if we had this the school could see what PROGRAMS were unnecessary and could cancel them.

Where is all of this money that we are paying actually going? I am sure I will never find the answer to that question. I think all colleges are greedy and taking advantage of the students that are coming here to get a quality EDUCATION Obama just proposed a free community college program for people that are willing to work for it. Hopefully we will continue to make programs that will eventually reach universities and colleges. There needs to be some type of reform from the system that we have today. It would be different if we were guaranteed a job after college, but we are not. We can go to college for four year pay out of pocket and get loans and work at Mcdonalds because we could not find a job that we could do with our degree. Some students that attend college have parents that are able to pay for their college, but we do not all come from backgrounds where our parents have enough money to just pay out of pocket for our education.

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