Asante Lloyd announces his new brand for 2015

IMG_20150101_023857I have been thinking about a brand and wanting my own brand for the longest. This has been on my mind for about a year and it finally came to me. I’ve thought about making a brand that displays me and what I am about just like any other brand. This was hard for me, because I did not know exactly what I was about to come up with a brand. With a lot of thinking and examining myself, I was finally able to construct a brand that I thought was worthy of me putting my time and work into.  One thing that I am all about is creativity and putting your own twist to things. With this being said, I wanted to have a brand that shows those aspects.

With the new year amongst us, I want to announce the name of my brand and what we are all about. The name of my brand will be salvageART. I will be doing many creations from custom adidas all the way to murals. I have been trying to find something to do other than going to school and workout. I have been doing a lot of drawing in my room since I have been in college. I need to find a way to get the things that I have in my mind out in some form or fashion and I think art will be the way that I come about doing this. Creating art is something that I have always been good at, but never really took serious. I never took it serious ,because of the value that it has in our society. When people see an artist or when I see an artist the first thing I think is that they are probably having a hard time because not many people buy art now , but I also think that they will be doing something they love for their whole life.  I grew up with parents that thought creativity was key, but being an artist is not the way to go if you want to have a nice car and house. As I could see getting a college degree is the only way to life like the people on TV. I will not be dropping out of college if it seemed like that, so don’t worry momma you will still have a son that will be a Civil Engineer in about 4 years. I just want to be able to go to school, run track, and do something that I enjoy at the same time. This will just give me a way to free my mind.   I want to show people that I have other sides to me. People only know the side of me that is an athlete and the side that is all about school and grades. Even though, I am showing people this about myself, I am not doing it for them. This brand is started solely on my thought and ideas and will always be about my thoughts and ideas.

The first thing that I plan on doing is some custom shoe designs. These shoe designs will not be for sale. They will be made solely to show people the start to a brand and that I am “nice” with the custom work. I am starting to only wear Adidas, so that will be the first shoes that I customize. They will be the green and white Stan Smith’s. I will customize many pairs of them. After I finish with the shoe designing for a while, I will start doing canvas art and eventually start to do things such as murals. Eventually I will start to do these murals for people. Clothes and other things will come later. These are just a few things that I have been planning on doing and just a few things to expect from the brand in the near future.I welcome anyone that is about the same things I am about and anyone that can produce ideas. If I eventually make money from this so be it, but I am not creating this brand just for money. It will just be a refuge for my thoughts and creativity.

Instagram: @2girls1asante



Snapchat: AsanteLLoyd


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