The SPSU Hitchhiker’s class

20141023_121038Learning the campus was a big part of this class and this is a picture of the SPSU campus.

The SPSU Hitchhiker’s class have been very helpful to me this whole year. I learned a lot of things that will help me while I am in college at SPSU. I learned about the campus which was good. I also learned about the social life of SPSU. The last thing that I think was important about SPSU was the merger and also my academics. The SPSU class was really beneficial.

I learned a lot about the SPSU campus. When I arrived here I thought I would not know where anything was and I was right. I did not know where any of my classes were and I did not know where to go to get my mail or to go talk with people about the financial aid. When we got in the SPSU class my question was to learn more about the campus. Mr. Cosey help the students and I a lot with learning about where things were. We talked about where some things on the campus and how to get there to one place from another. Some of my class members still could not find some of the things that were on the campus. The teacher planned an assignment for us to do so that we could learn more about the campus. He gave us eleven different places to go look up and we had to go around the campus and look for the things like a scavenger hunt. We had to go look for things like the attic ,housing ,and financial aid office. This assignment was helpful because some of the things on the list I did not know how to find and without this assignment I would not know where some of the few things on the list. I would have not have taken the initiative to go try to find some of the things on the campus.

I have learned a lot about the social life on campus. At the beginning of the semester I would have thought the campus would have been boring ,but I was glad that I was proved wrong. We have so much to do on the campus this whole semester. This campus is as fun as you make it too. There is always people trying to have fun on this campus. There are always people playing games on this campus and there is always people playing other things throughout the campus also. People here love to play ultimate frisbee and I have grown to love it also. On the days I am bored ultimate frisbee is a fun game to play. I did not know how to play it at all. Since I have played the game so much, I have work hard to become better at being good at the game. People love to play games also. People play super smash brothers and I think that is a fun game also.  You can also go to the student center or you can go to the rec center. These places are a good place to meet people and have fun. You can play pool and you can also play ping pong if you wanted to . You can also do different things in the rec center also. You can workout , play basketball, and also go for a swim. You can have so much fun on the campus and meet so many new people.

The merger and academics are also a big part of the things I learned that were helpful in this class. I learned that we will fully be KSU next semester and all of the things that are going to be changing. I thought the merger would benefit me , but the president came and talked to us about the merger and he told us that the merger would not affect the people like me because of the majors that we have. We will not be affected it. I will be able to go to KSU for all of the events that we will be held over there because I will actually be a student over there. I learned about the library and how useful the library was. We can use Galileo for the many papers that we may have. I have also learned about how helpful the library can be with many other things. Campus services are also helpful with finding and helping with co-op and internships.

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