Going back home for the weekend.

The first semester of college has been fun. I have meet many new people and done many new things that I would have not been able to experience if I were at home. Being away from home is a big change from what I am use to. My family was is a big part of my life and I enjoy being around them. My mom and sisters are the people that I am around most of the time. We are usually always together. My mom does a lot for my sisters and I. My mom still was washing my clothes even right before I left for school. This semester has been a good one and it has allowed me to grow up not only physically but mentally and spiritually also. Even though this semester has been fun and a new experience, I still miss being around my family. I am finally able to pack up and go home for a weekend and see them.



I have always had a hard time packing. I bought two new bags ,so that I will have something to bring back and forth from school to my hometown. First I got out of class and I started to pack. I just thought I should just take two pair of shoes ,so I pick the black shoes that I have to so that I do not fill my bag up with only shoes. After I picked the shoes I wanted, I had to pick the clothes I was going to wear. With me not taking more than one pair of shoes it really narrowed down what I would wear while I was there. I only packed two days worth of clothes and two pairs of socks, t-shirts….. I picked a 2 black shirts and two black pants. I usually just throw my clothes in my back ,but this time I would have to fold them up even though I did not want to. After I did that I was done packing. Now i just have to wait for my mom to arrive.

Car trip


My mom finally arrived. She was a little later than I thought she would be because she has to work an hour longer than she was supposed to. I did not mind that she was later. It gave me some time to catch up on some Netflix. When she finally got here I put all of my stuff in the car. My sister was in the front and I usually sit in the front. She was pretty mad when my mom told her to sit in the back seat. I never knew why she gets mad about this because my mom tells her the same thing every time I am in the car. We drove for a while and my mom had to stop and get gas. My mom told us to go to the bathroom , so that she would not have to stop again. She went ahead and took us to get some food since we were already stopped. We stopped at Burger King. We were going to go to McDonalds but I do not like McDonalds at all. We got the food to go and we ate it in the car. After 3 hours we finally arrived to Augusta,GA.  I was just happy to be our of the car and have had a safe trip.

My time at home

1413750619978 (1)

The first thing I did when I got home I weighed myself because I was curious to see how much I weighed. I was 160 during the summer and after I weighed myself I was 179. I was surprised to have gained so much weight ,but I also have been working out a lot. Since I have been working out, that was a reason as to why I gained so much. I eat 2-3 meals a day though. While I was at home I just enjoyed the time I had with my family. We went out to eat and my sisters and mom caught me up on the things that they have been doing lately. I came to my room to find that my sister “girlified” it. She put girly covers on the bed and girly pictures all over the walls. I did not mind though since I do not live there. It was nice to finally be able to watch TV. I do not have a TV in my room ,so I have just been able to watch Netflix. I caught up on some shows that I watched when I was home. It was just fun being home for a couple of days.

Time to go back

Snapchat--4466823255891126936 Screenshot_2014-12-01-01-54-34-1 60672535-b363-4231-9daf-f7b100adafe9

It was time to go back to Southern Poly. I had to pack all of my stuff up. I was not too sad when I was leaving because I knew I would be coming back in a couple of weeks. We went to Bojangles before we left and we left at about 11. I played with my dog before we left also because I am sure he was going to miss me and had been missing me since I have been at school. We got back to school at about 2 or 3. My mom came to help me bring my stuff to my room. Even though, I was not home to take out the trash ,she made me take out my own trash before she left. Now I am back at school for the next couple of weeks.

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