Hip Hop’s Latest and New Music for October and November 2014


Music is constantly coming out everyday. There  are new artist that have come up recently and other artist that are still making good music. October was a good month for music and november is going to be another good month for music. Some of the new artist that music has been good for during the month of October are Rich Homie Quan, Young Thug, Childish Gambino and thats just to name a few.

Rich homie Quan and Young Thug

Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug released “Rich Gang” in October. These two artist are new and upcoming. They have had a lot of success on their own with many singles that have been played throughout this whole year. These two artist came from the Atlanta area and it was bound for them to eventually work together. They began working together during the summer of 2014 in June and July releasing a few singles together. The few singles that the two released were just as successful as the singles they put out alone. Birdman saw the talent the two had and signed them both to his label. The two started working on the new mixtapes “Rich Gang” and released it mid October. The mixtape was successful because people were eager to hear the two together on a mixtape because of the individual and and success they had together. The mixtape is still being played by me and many of my peers.

Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino released “STN MTN Kauai” at the end of October. He was gained a lot of success last year and this year when he released his “Because of the Internet” Mixtape. His songs were played all over the radio. He did not have a huge fan base before but this mixtape brought a lot of new people to like this music. I have been listening to Childish Gambino for a while and when you listen to his music you can always count on it to be hype and I can listen to it a lot. His “camp” album and “Royalty” mixtapes were  the things people knew about before “Because of the Internet”. “STN MTN Kauai” seems like a fun album that he released in my opinion. He did a lot of freestyles over some different songs released by other artist. He talked about a dream he had talked about the history of Atlanta music wise and other things. He talked about things like Freaknik, Sidetrack, Laface records, and bringing Luke back. Dreams is the best song on the album because he freestyled over “Southern Hospitality” by Ludacris and “Partna Dem” by Rich Kids. Some other songs he freestyle over is “Money Baby” by K Camp and “Go DJ” by Lil  Wayne.

OG Maco

OG Maco released a mixtape at the end of October.He is another new artist that is from the Atlanta area.  He has had a lot of success in the month of october. He went from people knowing his name in Atlanta to people knowing his name all over the world. His name and his music has become known throughout America for his famous song “U Guessed It”. This song has been all over social media. I could not go onto Facebook or Vine without seeing someone trying to make a fun video using his music. It was not only on Vine and Facebook but other social medias that get millions of views a day like WorldstarHipHop, Twitter, and Instagram. This song is just the beginning of the major success he will have in the future.

There are other artist that you need to be looking to release new music in the next month. Future released his album today on October 29, 2014 which is called “Monster”. I have listened to his mixtape all the way through and it is the same future. He is continuing to make good music as he was before. Monster was the first song on the album he released from the mixtape and he got positive feedback from the public with millions of views in only a week. Migos will be releasing a new mixtape in the 6 days. Drake also released his mixtape today but he only has 3 songs on the album. The songs on the album are as good as his other music which is really good. Be on the look out for T.I.’s new album it will be releasing in the near future. If you are fans of any other artist you should go listen to the new mixtapes or albums that are already released or will be releasing in the near future.

Other big songs in the month of October:

  • I don’t F*** wit you – Big Sean
  • Try me -Dej Loaf
  • ILoveMakonnene – I don’t sell molly no more
  • ILoveMakonnene- Goin’ on a Tuesday
  • Young Jeezy-Seen it all
  • OG Maco – RoadRunner
  • Que- Too Much
  • Rae Sremmurd – No Type
  • Schoolboy Q – Disclosure Remix
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