Dave & Busters Food Review


Dave and Buster’s is a place were you can play and eat.  It was about 10 minutes away from my school driving. I went with my girlfriend and this was our first time going to Dave and Buster’s. When I walked in I could see from the front door that the place was nice. The place was really clean. I did not see a thing on the floor. The floors were cleaner than my dad’s car that he washes about six times a week. The lighting in the front area was pretty light. It was full of lights and it also had a big lighted Dave and Busters sign. I could hear people yelling about something when I enter , so I thought i was college football since it was Saturday. We went to talk to the cashier about where to go to eat. The cashier was welcoming and showed that she was excited for us to be there. She was pretty indirect as to where we needed to walk. She just pointed and said go this way. We just walked till we found the place. On the way, I seen a huge television that looked about the size of three projector screens. I seen many smaller  TVs also. I could tell that this was the area the was mainly for the sport games. The lighting was not too dark but I think it was just so put emphasis on the TVs. People were loud and kind obnoxious with the talk about their favorite team. I was hoping that this was not where we would have to sit because that’s not the ideal environment you want to be in when you are on a date. Well for me it’s not. It is an ideal place if you want to go watch the games on Tv with friends. The other dining area was quite and not many people were there on a Saturday and I was pretty surprised. The people said we could sit anywhere we wanted. They were pretty nice to us also.


The section that you really want to hear about is here. We picked a place to sit and we converse for a little while. It did not take the waiter much time at all to come to our table. He gave us time to get situated and he came. It was no more than two or three minutes. He seemed to know a lot about the menu and he know about food. He told us about the things he like and things he did not. I valued that he gave his opinion about the food. He was a pretty friendly guy. He came a lot but I didn’t not get tired of his asking if we needed anything. He came in timely intervals. The management never came to talk to us though. Other people came to refill our drinks and help bring our food. They were pretty nice also. It environment was pretty quiet. There was other light but the main light was the one at our table. Every table had one. It was probably two other families there with us. The menus are pretty big and they have a lot of food. They had so much food that I wanted to try and some of the pictures made me want to try things I do not usually eat like the veggie burger. They had burgers, wings, sandwiches and many options that you were able to choose from. I could literally smell some of the food while looking at the menu. The thing that I liked about the menu was that it had a lot of pictures of the food rather than having the description. The pictures that did have descriptions were just described in a manner that made you want to see what the food looked like.  I did not get to really look at the desserts but they did have a variety of desserts there. I would have tried many other dishes if I had the money.  I picked the Philly Cheesesteak ,because I wanted to see what it tasted like. The waiter came to our table a lot I do not know if it was because it was not many families there or if it was just because they were always that way. Your experience may vary. The food did not take much time to come. It came in less than 15 minutes. I was very satisfied with the Philly Cheesesteak. It was not dry, the meat was well cooked, and was seasoned well. It is tied for the best Philly Cheesesteak I have ever had.I first looked at the sandwich for a second to see how big it was. I looked at the fork and spoon and they were wrapped in a white napkin. I thought about using them on my sandwich but I said I’m going to eat it like most people would. I picked it up.  The bread on the sandwich was soft, warm, and smelled like it just came from a bakery.  It smelled like your grandmas house on a Sunday when she’s cooking your favorite meal. I looked at the fork and spoon and they were wrapped in a white napkin. I thought about using them on my sandwich but I said I’m going to eat it like most people.   When I bit into the sandwich juice came dripping from the sandwich and my chin. The food was not place in any unorthodox way but the fries were in something I never seen them in. They were in this little tin cup and I thought that was unique.The fries were well seasoned and were hot. You know when fries are so hot you have don’t even get to bite it before you have to take it out of your mouth. Yea that hot! I could tell they were freshly cook and not just prepared and siting under a lamp like most fast food places where you only get hot fries depending on the time you come.   The waiter kept our drinks fill and we did not have to ask him to fill them.

There is not much I would change about the experience from the waiter, service, or the food. I would recommend this place to anyone food wise. It is a good place to go hang out with friends and watch sports or just a nice place to take a significant other on a date.  My overall experience was tremendous to say the least.

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  1. It truly is a place where you can enjoy yourself thoroughly. I have had a positive experience with the company’s food as well.


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